Klaus Keil (DE)

Director, Zentralredaktion, RISM. Musicologist and theologian, Klaus Keil was born in 1954 near Göttingen, Germany. He has been the director of the RISM Zentralredaktion (Central Office) in Frankfurt since 1991. He began at RISM in 1982 as a student worker when the Zentralredaktion was in Kassel, with responsibilities including creating parameters for the development and testing of new computer applications, and continued as a permanent employee in 1987.  Keil studied philosophy, Catholic theology, and musicology at the Philosophical-Theological Seminary St. Georgen in Frankfurt, Johann Wolfgang Goethe-Universität in Frankfurt, and the Albert-Ludwig-Universität in Freiburg im Breisgau. His research has included the repertoire of the papal singers’ society “Cappella Sistina” during the time between 1520 and 1580. Among his publications are diverse writings on the work of RISM, most recently as co-editor of the conference proceedings Academic and Technical Challenges of Musicological Source Research in an International Framework (Hildesheim: Olms, 2010). In addition, he represents the Independent Research Institutes section at the Hessian State Music Council.