The Répertoire International des Sources Musicales / International Inventory of Musical Sources (www.rism.info) aims for comprehensive documentation of extant musical sources worldwide. These documented primary sources are manuscripts or printed music, writings on music theory, and libretti. They are housed in libraries, archives, monasteries, schools and private collections. As of December 2015, RISM has documented over 1,030,000 sources that have been indexed and bibliographically described by specialists. Around 30,000 entries are added to this continuously growing resource per year. The RISM online catalog can be searched free of charge on the Internet. All entries are available as open data and linked open data under a CC-BY license and can be reused almost without restriction. The database consists of:
1. Manuscripts originating between 1600 and 1850 (and later), originally series A/II
2. Individual prints issued before 1800 (originally series A/I, mainly converted from the books)
3. Anthologies issued between 1500 and 1550 (consisting of revised entries from series B/I)

RISM was founded in Paris in 1952. Shortly afterwards, musicologist and librarian A. H. King called RISM “one of the boldest pieces of long-term planning ever undertaken for the source material of any subject in the humanistic field.”